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Feedback from clients


“Tracy has a fresh and energetic approach that really worked for me.  Her enthusiasm for the techniques used really made me buy into the activities that we used during our sessions.  My confidence has improved greatly and I feel more motivated and comfortable with taking on new challenges.  I now have techniques to cope with being unsuccessful at certain tasks or activities so that my confidence is not badly affected, making me a more resilient person. I would recommend Tracy to others that are looking to improve their personal effectiveness. ”


Project Manager, Edinburgh


“I felt that Tracy was very open and demonstrated excellent communication skills in our sessions.  I was also challenged continuously throughout the process and allowed to speak openly regarding my fears and concerns. I would have no hesitation in working with Tracy again.


Senior Project Manager, Edinburgh


“Tracy makes you feel at ease, listens well and asks the kind of questions which encourage you to really think about things for yourself.  She helped me to recognise aspects of my behaviour which might be self limiting and to address these and, on the other hand, to recognise unacknowledged positive attributes.  She also passed on a number of useful tools which helped me to analyse situations and to define and work towards goals which had initially seemed out of my reach but which with the help of her coaching, I achieved.  I would highly recommend Tracy as a coach to anyone else.”


IT Technical Specialist, Edinburgh


“I have worked with Tracy over the last few months using her expertise as a development coach.  I have found working with Tracy very helpful and she has an ability to guide you towards solutions to challenges that you are facing within the work environment.  I have found Tracy to be a good sounding board and she also is good at asking the right questions to help you evaluate possibilities open to you.  Tracy is careful though not to offer solutions but to instead help you to identify these for yourself.  I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her and would recommend her coaching style to others.”


Senior Finance Manager, Edinburgh



 "Some of the NLP structures I learned through coaching have proved very useful.  I am more focused in my thinking, decision making and communication.  The coaching I received has increased my confidence, helped me reflect on how I react to situations and has provided techniques to manage a busy schedule in a variety of different situations.  When being coached via work previously I felt the experience helped me explore the task at hand.  My coaching sessions with Tracy did more than this, they challenged my thinking and helped me look at how I approached tasks.  The sessions with Tracy provided new structures which help me access my own resources and think more positively.  I would definitely recommend Tracy to others who are looking to improve their personal effectiveness."


Compliance Officer, Edinburgh



"My coaching journey with Tracy Archibald has been in one word.....fantastic! Having never been coached before I was not sure what to expect and if I am being honest I was a little apprehensive. However, from the get-go Tracy made me feel at ease and always pitched things at the right level in a way that I was open to receive.  I have grown in confidence both professionally and personally and view challenges at work in a very different way with the techniques that Tracy has shown me. In doing so, things that in the past would have made me feel anxious no longer do, as I look at the bigger picture.  Another area that been of tremendous benefit to me is in my future career planning. I was feeling stuck in a rut and was unsure of what path to take and coaching has given me the time and space to just think and then to plan. Tracy always seemed to ask me the right questions at the right time (clever lady!) which has seen me being promoted during my coaching journey and now also planning for the next step too.  Thank you Tracy."


Personal Assistant, Ayr

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