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Clean Language is a philosophy and technique applied to questioning that very quickly provides greater clarity and understanding.  Conversations can be moved from problem state to solution state and through to action more easily with or without the use of metaphor.


As a personal or business coaching technique it outperforms NLP and hypnotherapy as a way of creating well fitting ecological autogenic change. When used in a business consulting it quickly and effectively reveals the structure of your current situation and reveals the resources already within your organisation capable of responding effectively”.

Wendy Sullivan, author of

Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds


Who is this trainng for?:


Clean Language had its origins in the wolrd of theraphy with David Grove, and has since been developed for application within the coaching and the business word.  So if you are a change agent, facilitator, leader, coach, mentor, therapist, trainer or simply looking to develop your listening and questioning skills - this is the programme for you!


Clean Language Programme

Module 1

Clean Basics:

Approach, Questions & Metaphor


Providing a solid foundation for working with a Clean approach, this module also covers the basic Clean Language questions; and an understanding of the power of working with Metaphor.

Module 2

Clean Frameworks: Modelling



Once you understand the Clean approach & questions we then layer on your skills & knowledge to Facilitatie using a range of Frameworks  - useful for modelling your client's internal resources & strategies.

Module 3

Clean Frameworks: Change



Invariably, clients wish to make some changes to achieve their desired outcomes.  In this Module we deepen your practice working to remove barriers to success and moving clients to clear action.

Module 4

Clean Frameworks:




Consolidating your practice, you'll also take your Clean Facilitation skills to another level by learning how Space can be your co-facilitator.


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